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With one small flagship restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico, Crazy King Burrito was headed to the U.S. and needed print to digital support to launch new franchises and introduce busy consumers to a delicious, new fast food option. This national marketing campaign unveiled the brand by celebrating an exciting, new restaurant spun from a rich heritage and authentic recipes. 

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Crazy King Burrito

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Wright Properties

In the wake of a challenging new Covid landscape, this real estate firm needed a fresh, new face with more engaging messaging to give homeowners reason to believe. This total rebrand effort required more authentic communication tools classically designed to stand the test of time and included a robust identity campaign with website, print, billboard advertising, and social media management.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 3.50.15 PM.png

The GhostLight Theatre

With accolades on stage but few online, this small town playhouse deserved a fresh brand identity to celebrate its broad range of talent. The work included a bold new website, stronger fundraising campaigns, and an overall crisper voice to showcase their dedication to uplifting a community. 

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Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 5.56.36 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 5.54.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 5.55.10 PM.png

Local Pour

Armed with a passion for wine and a love for the great state of Michigan, this regional client needed to build a new brand from the ground up in time to capitalize on the summer season. From the creation of an engaging website and vigorous social media presence to promotional campaigns and partner tools, 2Creative helped transform Local Pour into a local favorite among Harbor Country residents and tourists. 

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